Steal your competitor's customer list.

NerdyData will help you find which websites use certain SaaS technologies.

Get a free plan to see all first-page results. No credit card required.

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Leads and intel that are accurate and up-to-date.

Unlimited reports.
One for each competitor.

All plans include unlimited downloads.

Download a filtered list of targeted leads, or export a large list into your marketing tool of choice.

The Search Engine for
Source Code.

Search for code: Try javascript, HTML, cookies, pixels, and HTTP headers.

NerdyData scans, renders, and indexes millions of websites' source code. Find websites that use any code fingerprint.

Enrichment and Research

You supply the domains.
We'll supply the technology data.

Lookup individual domains, or enrich a large list of domains.

See an overview of what technologies a domain uses, along with employee and company data. All included.

Bring NerdyData wherever your go.

Free browser extension

Analyze any website to see their tech stack and company details.

Great for prospecting, and quick technographic checks.

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